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Reblogging from Mimi Haddad– The Bait & Switch of Complementarians


This is so good I am reblogging it, originally posted at Christians for Biblical Equality.

Love this most of all:bait-and-switch

Please do not tell girls or women that they share equally in God’s image; that they are equal at the foot of the cross; that they are equal in the kingdom of God, that they should cultivate their minds equally, unless you are prepared to give them equal authority to use the gifts God has given them. To do otherwise is to bait girls and women with the truth of Scripture as it points to their inheritance in Christ, and then to switch—to deny them the opportunities to walk in newness of life—in using their God-given gifts with equality authority. To advocate for the education of females based on the aims of Christian discipleship is inseparable from God’s aims for men and women created in God’s image—where both shared authority in Eden (Genesis 1:26- 28); and as recreated in the image of Christ who extends equal authority to his disciples, both male and female (John 20:18-23).

Read the full post here: http://blog.cbeinternational.org/2014/05/the-bait-switch-of-complementarians/

Author: karen d

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3 thoughts on “Reblogging from Mimi Haddad– The Bait & Switch of Complementarians

  1. Hi Karen,

    Apologies for the public post, but I could not find your email. The hyperlink that connects to Mimi’s full article is incorrect. Here is the correct link. http://www.cbeinternational.org/blogs/bait-switch-complementarians.

    Thanks for reblogging!


  2. I am disturbed by this post for one main reason: it is starting to sound like people think using their spiritual gifts is a RIGHT they have. That’s entirely untrue. I’d like someone to find that concept in Scripture. Don’t make women being able to use their spiritual gifts another area for anger and demanding their rights! They are gifts and as such, should be used sensitively and in the right season.


    • This is such a good point you make here Stessie! Spiritual gifts are, well, gifts and God gets to deploy them as He chooses. And even more importantly, we need to make sure as we discuss these topics (gender roles, etc) that we are operating in a context of receiving from God what God has given, not grabbing for what we want or think we have a right to.

      I didn’t hear the entitlement that it sounds like you did in the article, but either way it is good to keep balance here. Thanks for commenting toward that end! I actually don’t have a sense of what my gifts are. I’ve heard such different teaching on this topic over the years. Have you ever come across any teaching that you felt was really helpful and/or definitive for you in this area? Its so easy for me to see your gifts … but then again, you are SO gifted anyone who knows you can see them!!


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