A Travelogue of the Interior

faith questions

An Invitation to Authenticity

A Travelogue of the Interior is an invitation to be wholly, bravely authentic — with ourselves, with God and with each other.

Our model is the Psalms, the hymnbook of the ancient Hebrews that for generations has taught God’s people how to lament and grieve, to openly confess ours sins, to wrestle with God about the tensions of the life of faith, and to sing our thanks in response to God’s enduring faithfulness.

May we find here a place to explore the Psalms as we explore too the topography of our own lives, not as academics but as travelers, eager to know ourselves, God and others more intimately.


2 thoughts on “An Invitation to Authenticity

  1. Don’t forget about C.J.Mahaney and his lack of repentance. Another leader shielded by other leaders.


    • Yes, very correct to include him in this discussion. I found the protection he received from Piper and the like to be repulsive, not any less so than his involvement in the SGM horror/debacle.


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